Park at Geneva airport for EasyJet flights with Parking Cointrin

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You are planning a trip with EasyJet from Geneva Cointrin international airport ? If you’re bringing your own vehicle, you’ll need to choose from the various parking options available. When you choose Parking Cointrin, you benefit from competitive rates, proximity to the terminals and a free shuttle service that will take you to your terminal in just three minutes. Whether you’re away for a few days or longer, Parking Cointrin offers a tailor-made solution for all EasyJet travelers looking for efficiency.

Why choose Parking Cointrin for EasyJet flights?

There’s no shortage of benefits.

Low rates

Our rates are designed to be affordable and are particularly particularly attractive for long-term parking. The following table compares the rates of the various official airport parking lots with those of Parking Cointrin.

Parking Price for 1 day Price for 4 days Rate for 1 week Rate for 2 weeks
Parking Cointrin 50 CHF 90 CHF CHF 110 180 CHF
P26 and P51 (long-term) CHF 30 81 CHF 132 CHF 237 CHF
P1 and P20 (long-term) 38 CHF

128 CHF

197 CHF 407 CHF

What’s more, with with online booking, rates are perfectly clear from the moment you book: no nasty surprises.

Our system is very different from ResaPark online reservation system for official airport parking lots for which you pay a reservation fee in advance. You only know what parking costs you when you leave the parking lot. In other words, it’s impossible to predict your budget accurately.

Parking 51 Geneva airport ResaPark

Your car is close to EasyJet terminals

Geneva airport’s official parking lots, especially those for short stays short-term are located near the terminals. The furthest parking lots are intended for the parking long term do not offer shuttle services. Or, parking lot P51 (the furthest away) is 500 meters from the main terminal, which can be a tricky route if you have a lot of luggage, for example.

Parking Cointrin may be a little further away than parking lot P51, but it offers a free shuttle service that takes you to the boarding terminal in 3 minutes. You’ll save time and money.

Free shuttles are available between 4:00 and 1:30 a.m.

Parking Cointrin makes it easy for you to get around, with shuttle buses linking the parking lot to Cointrin airport terminals in just 3 minutes. They’re free, comfortable and very fast. You’ll appreciate them even more if you have luggage, are traveling with children, or are tired. They run all year round, 7 days a week, between 4am and 1.30am..

What additional services does Parking Cointrin offer for EasyJet flights?

We offer additional services compared to the official Geneva airport parking lots:

  1. Online reservations for all parking spaces Unlike the airport parking lots, which only allow reservations for three parking lots, and only for a small number of spaces (P1 ResaPark = 480 spaces, P26 ResaPark = 268 spaces and P51 ResaPark = 305 spaces), Parking Cointrin has made reservation its central system. So there’s no need to worry: you know you’ll have a place when you arrive.
  2. Parking lot surveillance Car park surveillance: security guards are on duty 24 hours a day, and cameras complete the surveillance.
  3. Valet parking When you arrive at the entrance to our parking lot, our valet takes charge of your vehicle and parks it in its final location. Meanwhile, you can take the shuttle to the terminal.
  4. Vehicle cleaning: this is an optional service. We offer interior cleaning for CHF 90, exterior cleaning for CHF 80 and complete cleaning for CHF 165.

Book your EasyJet flight parking easily at Geneva airport

It couldn’t be simpler: our booking process is designed to be fast and efficient.

Book online quickly

  1. Go to the Parking Cointrin website where you will find all the information you need about our services and rates…
  2. Select your parking dates, enter your personal details and flight number.
  3. Choose your additional services, if you wish to add services such as car washing.
  4. Make your secure online payment (choice of credit card, PostFinance card, TWINT application or PostFinancePay application).
  5. Receive your confirmation email and keep it.
Online reservation form Parking Cointrin

Flexible arrival and departure times

Parking Cointrin offers parking options to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for a quick stopover or an extended stay of several days or weeks. You can reserve your parking space online until 11:00 pm the day before your departure.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, you can also make a telephone reservation up to four hours before departure.

Reservation changes or cancellations are accepted up to 24 hours before the start of the event. your vehicle’s scheduled pick-up time. For this, please contact.

What can you do to optimize your experience and avoid missing your EasyJet flight?

Book in advance to guarantee your place

If you leave it to the last minute, you’re guaranteed to be stressed out! Save yourself the hassle by reserving your parking space in advance. There are only advantages:

  • Space guarantee Avoid the risk of full parking lots.
  • Time management Less time spent looking for a place means more time for your other travel arrangements.
  • Easy, no-cost cancellation With free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance, booking in advance doesn’t cost you more – quite the opposite.

Find your way to Parking Cointrin

To get to our parking lot, here’s the address: Chemin de l’Avanchet 26, CP 1216 Cointrin – Genève.

From Switzerland, take the A40 freeway and exit at “Lausanne/Geneva-Aéroport”. Please note that a Swiss vignette is required for this route. Another option is to exit at “Saint-Julien en Genevois”, then follow the N201 main road through Perly customs.

From France, on the A40 freeway, take the “Bellegarde/Gex” exit (indicated by a blue sign), then continue on the D984 departmental road towards Ferney-Voltaire. If you’re on the A1 freeway, take exit 6 “Genève-Aéroport”.

Take the free shuttle

The shuttles take you to your terminal in three minutes, free of charge. Don’t miss out!

We have compared parking options at Geneva airport for EasyJet flights.

How to make the best choice? You have two essential options at your disposal. First, the official Geneva airport parking lots. Secondly, the private parking lots including Parking Cointrin. Here’s a table summarizing the characteristics of each.

FeaturesOfficial Geneva airport parking lotsParking Cointrin
ShuttleNo shuttle service.Free shuttle bus to terminal in 3 minutes.
RatesVaried, higher for nearby parking lots and in high season.economical and degressive, whatever the time of year.
Additional servicesLuggage carts usable with token or coin.

Valet parking.

Interior and/or exterior vehicle cleaning.

SafetyNo details available.24-hour surveillance with cameras + security guards.
ReservationFew spaces available for reservation: limited to 3 parking lots and a few spaces for each parking lot.Quick and easy online booking, up to 4 hours before take-off by telephone.
Transparent ratesNot optimal for online booking: you pay the amount due when you leave the parking lot.Optimal: you pay the exact amount when you book.
Payment methods

Bills and coins (CHF).

Tickets (euros).

Credit card.

TWINT application

PostFinance card.

Credit/debit cards.

TWINT application.

PostFinance Pay application.

In conclusion, choosing Parking Cointrin for your EasyJet flight to Geneva airport is a wise choice that combines economy, comfort and simplicity. With easy access, clear and secure online booking, and additional services such as vehicle cleaning options, you’re assured of a simple, worry-free experience. Don’t let parking spoil the start of your trip!

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