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Geneva is Switzerland’s second-largest city, well known for its international role. Cointrin is the area where the airport is physically located.. Although part of the commune of Meyrin, the airport is generally associated with Geneva due to its immediate proximity. “Cointrin” is essentially a term used to designate the specific location of the airport.

Reserving a parking space may seem complex, but our article aims to simplify the task by explaining all the options available to you.

Compare parking offers at Cointrin

They’re actually simpler than they appear. You only have to ask yourself two questions:

  1. Determine the duration of your parking. In fact, the solutions offered will be different if you need to park for a short term or for  long-term.
  2. Determine your budget. It may be a good idea to refer you to private parking lots rather than to the official Geneva airport parking lots.

Official parking lots at Geneva-Cointrin airport

Official parking lots offer a wide range of services, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage: choosing the right parking lot from among all those available requires careful comparison.

Plan de l'aéroport de Genève et des parkings

The drop-off point

Kiss & Fly is :

  • free of charge.
  • accessible at any time.
  • designed to drop off passengers with their luggage.

However, your driver is not not authorized to parkeven for a few minutes, or even to pick up pick up passengers. Parking P2 is indicated for this purpose.

P2 short-term parking

Be careful about the definition of short-term: less than 24 hours, ideally no more than one hour. You can park for more than an hour, but this will cost you significantly more. Furthermore, after 24 hours, airport staff reserve the right to impound the vehicle. In terms of rates, the first five minutes are free, 5 to 30 minutes cost CHF 3, and an hour costs CHF 5.

Long-term parking lots P1, P20, P26 and P51

Three of them are accessible from Switzerland, while the P20 is reserved for the French sector and is aimed at travelers from the Ain region. Those coming from Haute-Savoie have full access to the parking lots in the Swiss sector.

  • Parking lot P1 offers the most direct access to terminals and is therefore one of the most expensive, along with the P20. It can be booked online.
  • Parking P20 has the same rates as P1, but cannot be booked online.
  • Parking lot P26 is further away and therefore less expensive. These prices are the same as for the P51.
  • P51 parking lot is located 500m from the airport terminals, so it’s the closest. The major drawback is thatno shuttle included for travelers who park their own vehicles in this parking lot. As a result, travellers have to cover the distance on foot, even with bulky luggage.

As you can see, the range of parking lots at the airport is very diverse, especially when it comes to long-term parking. It can be hard to find your way around, and we’ve identified 3 major drawbacks:

  • Online booking is not available for all parking lots. What’s more, even when it is, only some of the places are bookable.
  • Long-term parking rates are high.

No shuttle service available for P51the cheapest but most remote parking lot. Only travelers who have rented a car can take a shuttle.

Parking Price guide
Online booking


Kiss & Fly


Parking is not permitted.

Picking up passengers is not allowed.



First 5 minutes = free

5-30 min = CHF 3

Up to 1 hour = CHF 5

Ideally, do not exceed one hour’s parking time.

Impoundment is possible after 24 hours.


P1 (Switzerland)

1 day = CHF 38

1 week = CHF 197

2 weeks = CHF 407

Direct access to terminals.

480 bookable spaces out of 2100

Long-term P20 (France)

1 day = CHF 38

1 week = CHF 197

2 weeks = CHF 407

For travelers from the Ain department in France.
Long-term P26 (Switzerland)

1 day = CHF 30

1 week = CHF 132

2 weeks = CHF 237

Further from the terminals but less expensive.

268 bookable places out of 760

Long-term P51 (Switzerland)

1 day = CHF 30

1 week = CHF 132

2 weeks = CHF 237

Located 500m from the terminals.

Partially covered.

No free shuttle included.

305 bookable spaces out of 1100

Private parking lot Parking Cointrin

The major advantage of Parking Cointrin is that it offers a unique, crystal-clear package, as well as additional services that you won’t find at Geneva-Cointrin airport.

  1. Attractive sliding-scale rates for long-term stays (CHF 90 per 4 days, CHF 110 per week, CHF 180 per 2 weeks).
  2. Free shuttles with private driversthat take you to your destination in just three minutes.
  3. 24-hour parking lot surveillance to guarantee your peace of mind.
  4. Three vehicle cleaning options (interior = CHF 90; exterior = CHF 80; complete = CHF 165).
  5. 24-hour online reservation for all our parking spaces.
  6. Covered parking.
  7. Valet parking who collects your vehicle from the parking lot entrance and parks it in the space you have reserved while you make your way to the boarding terminal.

Ultimately, choosing the right parking lot at Cointrin depends on your specific needs and the duration of your trip.

Parking rates at Parking Cointrin

At Parking Cointrin, we are committed to offering clear and particularly competitive rates for long-term parking.

We charge a one-off one-time processing fee of CHF 40regardless of parking duration. Reservations can be changed or canceled up to 24 hours before the pick-up time by phone. Our contact form is at your disposal.

Of course, our shuttle with private driver is free and included in our rates.

Parking time Indicative rates Parking Cointrin

1 day

50 CHF

4 days

90 CHF

1 week

CHF 110

1 week

180 CHF

Why choose Parking Cointrin?

Geneva airport, linking Switzerland to over 140 destinations worldwide, has seen its parking facilities expand over the years. When you choose Parking Cointrin for your parking at Cointrin, you benefit from numerous advantages that surpass those of the airport’s official parking lots:

  • Unique, transparent offer Parking Cointrin: unlike the many specific features of airport parking lots (payment methods, availability of reservations, covered or uncovered parking lots), Parking Cointrin offers a clear, unambiguous offer.
  • 24-hour access While some airport parking lots, such as P20, close for a few hours at night, Parking Cointrin remains open around the clock.
  • Access from France and Switzerland While airport parking lots are divided according to your origin, Parking Cointrin is accessible regardless of your origin, avoiding costly parking lots such as P20 for travelers coming from the Ain region of France.
  • Ease of use : book online with a quick form. This means you don’t have to search for a pay station and adapt to different payment methods on arrival or departure, unlike airport parking lots.
  • Free shuttle Free shuttle: a free shuttle takes you to the departure terminal in three minutes, unlike parking lot P51, which, although cheaper, requires a 500-meter walk to reach the airport if you are using your own vehicle.

The advantages of choosing Parking Cointrin

Security and surveillance

Our parking lot is equipped with continuously operating surveillance cameras. In addition, security guards patrol the site regularly. Access is strictly controlled to prevent unauthorized intrusion. With Parking Cointrin, you can travel with peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your vehicle is well protected.

Competitive, transparent rates

We offer attractive rates, especially for longer stays, without compromising on quality of service. Thanks to our online pre-departure booking system, you can avoid unpleasant surprises and control your expenses.

Free shuttles

It would be unthinkable for us not to offer you a free shuttle service to link the parking lot to the airport terminals in just 3 minutes. Operating from 3.45 a.m. to 1.30 a.m., these shuttles are designed to carry luggage with ease. This convenient service allows you to quickly reach your terminal at no extra cost.

Easy online booking

Ideal for anticipating your parking needs, our fast and intuitive online reservation system. In just a few clicks, choose your dates, add services if required, and securely finalize your booking. Once confirmed, you will receive an email with all the necessary details.

Satisfied customers

We are highly rated among customer reviews.

Let’s take a closer look at our different services, which surpass those of Geneva-Cointrin airport.

Parking Cointrin services

Parking Cointrin offers a variety of services to ensure travelers’ peace of mind and convenience. Here’s an overview of our main services.

Services included

  • 24-hour access Our parking lot is always open. Whether you have an overnight flight or a late arrival, you can access our parking lot at any time, every day of the year.
  • Free shuttle The free shuttle takes you from the parking lot to the airport in just 3 minutes, with operating hours from 3.45 a.m. to 1.30 a.m.
  • Valet parking On arrival, leave your keys with our valet parking attendant, who will park your vehicle in its permanent parking space.

Additional services

Enjoy your trip while our team cleans your car, with three options:

  • Interior cleaning costs CHF 90.
  • Exterior cleaning CHF 80.
  • A complete interior and exterior cleaning is available for CHF 165.

How do I reserve a parking space at Parking Cointrin?

Booking a parking space at Parking Cointrin is very simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit Parking Cointrin website where you’ll find all the information you need about our services and rates.
  2. Select your parking dates Choose your parking start and end dates.
  3. Fill in your personal information Fill in your contact details and the details required for your reservation.
  4. Add additional services If you wish, select options such as car wash.
  5. Pay online Choose secure payment with your bank card, PostFinance card, TWINT application or PostFinancePay application.
  6. Receive your confirmation email.

By following these simple steps, you can book your place at Parking Cointrin stress-free, guaranteeing a worry-free start to your journey.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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