Long-term parking at Geneva airport: the ideal solution with Parking Cointrin

Parking longue durée à l’aéroport de Genève : la solution idéale avec Parking Cointrin

Planning a long-haul trip involves a great deal of preparation, including parking your vehicle. Finding secure, affordable long-term parking at Geneva airport can be complex. You may be wondering how to ensure the safety of your car without exceeding your budget.

This article will help you explore the different options available, focusing on the advantages offered by Parking Cointrin, so that you can leave with complete peace of mind.

Why choose long-term parking at Geneva airport?

Defining long-term parking

Long-term parking refers to a parking period exceeding one hour in fact, this is the criterion for using the short-term parking P2 at Geneva airport. Whether your trip lasts 24 hours or several days, you’ll need long-term parking. Several options are available, including official Geneva airport parking lots and private parking lots.

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Long-term parking lots at Geneva airport

Geneva airport offers four main options for long-term parking: three in the Swiss sector (P1, P26, P51) and one in the French sector (P20). Here is a price comparison table:


Number of seats
Price for 1 dayPrice for 4 daysRate for 1 weekRate for 2 weeksBookable


Swiss Sector

38 CHF128 CHFCHF 197CHF 407Yes


Swiss Sector

760CHF 3081 CHF132 CH237 CHFYes


Swiss Sector

1100CHF 3081 CHF132 CH237 CHFYes


Sector France

21438 CHF128 CHF197 CHF407 CHFNo

In the case of parking lots in the Suisse, rates are due to the proximity of the parking lots to the boarding terminals The closer they are, the more expensive they are, like the P1 parking lot. Parking lots P26 and P51 are further away and therefore less expensive over time. However, they do not offer a shuttle service for travelers who bring their own vehicles.

Long-term parking at Parking Cointrin

From private parking companies such as Parking Cointrin, offer attractive solutions for long-term parking. Parking Cointrin offers sliding-scale tariffsparticularly competitive compared to official Geneva airport parking lots.

Price for 1 dayPrice for 4 daysRate for 1 weekRate for 2 weeksBookable

Parking Cointrin

CHF 5090 CHFCHF 110180 CHFYes

The comparison between airport long-term parking rates and those of Parking Cointrin is clear: for a week or more, Parking Cointrin offers substantial savings. For a week or more, Parking Cointrin offers significant savings.

For two weeks, for example, Parking Cointrin costs just CHF 180, compared with CHF 407 for the P1 parking lot.

The advantages of long-term parking at Parking Cointrin

Parking Cointrin offers a host of benefits to meet the needs of travelers seeking convenience and peace of mind.

Réservez votre parking longue durée sereinement

Security and surveillance

Safety is paramount at Parking Cointrin. The parking lot is equipped with surveillance systems with cameras active 24/7and security guards who make regular rounds. Visit parking is enclosed and has controlled access, ensuring that your vehicle is protected at all times.

Competitive rates

Parking Cointrin understands that the cost of parking can be a major concern for travelers. That’s why we offer low, transparent rates with no hidden charges: when you book online, you know exactly what you’re paying.ou know exactly what you’re paying.

As for our rates, they are very economical for longer stays. We could even say that it’s a parking cheap but with all the options you need for your comfort.

Free shuttles

Are you tired, do you have bulky luggage, or are you in a hurry? Fortunately, our free shuttle service with private chauffeur simplifies your transfer from the parking lot to the departure terminal. Our shuttles are comfortable, ideal for busy travellers and operate from 04:00 to 01:30, every day of the year. The journey to the departure terminal takes just 3 minutes.

This service is much faster and more convenient than the P51 parking lot, where travelers have to walk to the airport unless they have rented a car.

Easy online booking

Parking Cointrin offers an online reservation system simple and secure. In just a few clicks, you can reserve your seat, select additional services (vehicle cleaning) and finalize your reservation.

Online reservation form Parking Cointrin

Parking Cointrin services

Parking Cointrin offers a range of services designed to enhance your experience:

  • 24/7 access Our parking lot is always open to suit your flight schedule.
  • Size of parking spaces We welcome all types of vehicles, from motorcycles to campers.
  • Valet parking Entrust your keys to our valet who will park your vehicle for you.
  • Vehicle cleaning Choose between interior cleaning (CHF 90), exterior cleaning (CHF 80) or complete cleaning (CHF 165) during your absence.

How do I reserve a long-term parking space at Parking Cointrin?

Booking with Parking Cointrin is quick and easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Parking Cointrin website All information on our services and rates is available here.
  2. Enter your parking dates and add your personal information.
  3. If required, select additional services such as washing options.
  4. Proceed to secure payment and receive confirmation by email.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Credit/debit cards.
  • PostFinance card.
  • TWINT and PostFinance Pay applications.

Our tips to optimize your experience

Here are some tips for an optimal experience with Parking Cointrin :

Book in advance

This is by no means mandatory! We simply recommend it to avoid any last-minute worries. You can book online until 11:00 pm the day before your departure. If required, we accept telephone reservations at least 4 hours before take-off. Use our contact form.

Use the shuttles

Take advantage of our free shuttle service, available from 04:00 to 01:30, for a quick, hassle-free transfer between the parking lot and the terminals. No need to walk, our private chauffeur will take you from the terminal to the parking lot and from the parking lot to the terminal in record time.

Keep your documents

Make sure you have your travel documents within easy reach for your arrival and departure. Here’s the checklist:

  • Reservation confirmation.
  • Airline tickets.
  • Identity papers.

Prepare your vehicle

Before leaving your car, make sure it is properly closed and locked. Store important documents in the glove compartment or take them with you.

From a technical point of view, check the oil, coolant and fuel levels, as well as the battery and tire pressure if you’re setting off in cold weather. You can also opt for a cleaning your vehicle so that it’s spotless when you return.

In conclusion, we hope we’ve convinced you that choosing Parking Cointrin for your long-term parking at Geneva airport is a practical and secure solution. See you soon!

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