Book cheap parking at Geneva airport with Parking Cointrin

Réservez un parking pas cher à l’aéroport de Genève avec Parking Cointrin

Finding a parking space at Geneva airport at a decent rate often seems like an insurmountable challenge, doesn’t it? Between high rates and limited availability, the simple task of parking your vehicle can become a major source of stress before your trip even begins. So how can you guarantee a place without breaking the bank?

We explore practical and economical solutions for parking at Geneva airport, providing you with clear advice and comparisons to make the best choice without compromising on safety and convenience.

Book your cheap parking at Geneva airport with Parking Cointrin

Faced with often prohibitive rates and a shortage of available parking spaces, especially in high season, Parking Cointrin offers a reassuring alternative that combines affordability and exceptional proximity to airport terminals. Whether you’re off on a business trip or a well-earned vacation, our economical parking options fit every need and budget.

With Parking Cointrin, reserving your parking space is child’s play. Our online booking system is designed to be quick and easy. Not only do you benefit from attractive ratesbut also real peace of mind peace of mindknowing that your vehicle is under 24/7 surveillance. What’s more, our free shuttle service ensures fast, comfortable access between the parking lot and the terminals, so you can travel with peace of mind, without worrying about the exorbitant cost of parking.

Réservation en ligne pour votre parking

How to reserve your cheap parking space at Geneva airport?

A simple process

Booking your parking at Geneva airport with Parking Cointrin is a simple process.

  1. Go to our website where you’ll easily find our online booking form.
  2. Enter your essential informationsuch as arrival and departure dates and times, flight number and vehicle registration number.
  3. Proceed to payment using one of our secure methods, including credit cards, mobile payments or bank transfers.
  4. Keep the e-mail confirmationwhich guarantees that your place is reserved.

With Parking Cointrin, reserving a parking space is as easy as packing your bags!

Do I have to book in advance?

Even if booking is not compulsory, it is strongly recommended to ensure a smooth travel experience when you leave.

Alongside the official airport parking lots, it is important to note that the P20 long-term parking lot (France sector) does not offer a reservation service. However, the other long-term parking lots at Geneva airport offer the possibility of reserving your parking space.

With Parking Cointrin, you can book online until 11:00 pm the day before your departure. You can also reserve by telephone at least 4 hours before take-off. Use our contact form.

What are the rates for cheap parking at Geneva airport?

Geneva airport long-term parking rates

Here are the rates for the long-stay parking lots (P1, P26, P51 and P20) at Geneva airport, as these are the most affordable. For a more complete overview, see our article on private parking lots at Geneva airport.

Parking Capacity Price guide (CHF)
P1 2100
  • 1 day = CHF 38

  • 1 week = CHF 197

  • 2 weeks = CHF 407


  • 1 day = CHF 30

  • 1 week = CHF 132

  • 2 weeks = CHF 237

P51 1100
  • 1 day = CHF 30

  • 1 week = CHF 132

  • 2 weeks = CHF 237

P20 214
  • 1 day = CHF 38

  • 1 week = CHF 197

  • 2 weeks = CHF 407

Note that Parking P51 is not fully covered. Parking P20, the only parking lot in the France sector, is non-reservable and closes between 11.30pm and 5am. Let’s take a look at Parking Cointrin’s rates.

Parking Cointrin tariff

The following is an indicative list of services provided by Parking Cointrin:

  • 1 day : CHF 50
  • 1 week: CHF 110
  • 2 weeks: CHF 180
  • Application fee: CHF 40
  • Cancellation: free 24 hours in advance

The advantage lies in long-term parking. With our sliding scale of charges, the difference between the CHF 407 for the P20 parking lot and the CHF 180 for Parking Cointrin for a 2-week stay is considerable!

What services does Parking Cointrin offer?

In addition to parking, we offer you free :

  • A 3-minute shuttle to the terminalsThe shuttle runs from 4:00 am to 1:30 am.
  • Enhanced securityThis includes surveillance cameras as well as security guards, all year round and at all hours.
  • Covered parking.
  • Booking online 24 hours a day.
  • Access to the parking lot 7 days a week.

In addition, if you wish, Parking Cointin offers interior of your vehicle for CHF 90, exterior cleaning for CHF 80 and interior/exterior cleaning for CHF 165.

Available payment methods

Payment methods at official airport parking lots

You can pay online (only when booking is possible) and at various points around the airport at ticket machines, exit kiosks or the main parking lot pay stations.

Available payment methods include :

  • Cash (CHF, bills and coins; euros, bills only).
  • Credit cards.
  • The TWINT application, but only as an exit terminal.

Payment methods with Parking Cointrin

Payment is made securely online with your choice of :

  • A bank card.
  • A PostFinance card.
  • The TWINT application.
  • The PostFinance Pay application.
Paiement avec PostFinance

Our comparison of cheap parking lots at Geneva airport

It seems to us that several criteria should be taken into account, which are summarized below:

Criteria Official Geneva airport parking lots Parking Cointrin
Proximity to boarding terminals Located relatively close to the terminals. The most remote, such as P51, do not offer a shuttle service. Located 3 minutes away by free, fast and comfortable shuttle bus.

Parking rates

Varies according to proximity and season.

Increase in high season.

Economical, sliding-scale rates all year round.
Optional services Few or no optional services.
Available services: valet parking, vehicle cleaning (interior and/or exterior).
Security Standard monitoring.
Enhanced security with 24-hour surveillance, cameras and continuous presence of security guards.
Capacity and availability Variable, often fully booked in high season. Generally available thanks to flexible reservation management.
Access and amenities Direct access from the airport, may require a walk. Frequent free shuttle service, easily accessible from main roads.
Easy booking Online booking possible, but may be limited in high season. Book online or by phone up to four hours before departure.

So why choose Parking Cointrin?

Why choose Parking Cointrin?

Choosing Parking Cointrin to park your vehicle at Geneva airport is a wise decision for several reasons. We offer a combination of low rates, convenience and security that surpasses official parking options. Here’s why you should choose our service.

Save money

Parking Cointrin offers low, sliding-scale rates for significant savings, whatever the time of year. Unlike Geneva airport’s official parking lots, where prices vary according to proximity and increase during peak periods, our rates remain competitive all year round. By choosing Parking Cointrin, you can benefit from excellent value for money, making your journeys more affordable.

Save time

Parking Cointrin is ideally located just three minutes from the airport, with a free shuttle service for a quick and comfortable transfer to your boarding terminal. With our service, you avoid long walks or extended waits, allowing you to concentrate on your journey rather than on parking your vehicle.

Leave with peace of mind

The safety of your vehicle is a priority at Parking Cointrin. Our parking lot benefits from reinforced 24-hour surveillance, with security cameras and the continuous presence of security guards, ensuring the protection of your vehicle for the duration of your absence. This optimum security gives you peace of mind, knowing that your car is in safe hands.

Practical information about Parking Cointrin at Geneva airport

Here are the answers to the questions most frequently asked by our customers.

Where is Parking Cointrin?

Located just three minutes three minutes from the airport Parking Cointrin is a practical option for travelers. It’s easy to get to, thanks to clear signs and a direct route from the main roads. To get there, simply enter the following address in your GPS: Chemin de l’Avanchet 26, CP 1216 Cointrin – Genève.

How do I get there?

From Switzerland:

  1. From the A1 freeway :
    • Take exit 6 “Genève-Aéroport”.
    • Follow the signs to Geneva airport.
    • Continue straight on towards Cointrin.
    • Follow signs for “Parking Cointrin” or “Chemin de l’Avanchet”.
  2. From the center of Geneva :
    • Follow the signs to Geneva airport.
    • Take Route de Meyrin (Route 5) towards the airport.
    • Near the airport, follow the signs for Cointrin.
    • Take the exit to Chemin de l’Avanchet and follow the signs for the parking lot.

From France:

  1. From the A40 freeway (Autoroute Blanche) :
    • Follow the A40 freeway towards Geneva.
    • Take the A1 freeway exit towards Lausanne/Geneva.
    • Follow the signs for Genève-Aéroport.
    • After crossing the border, continue towards Cointrin.
    • Follow signs for “Parking Cointrin” or “Chemin de l’Avanchet”.
  2. From Route Nationale N206 :
    • Follow the N206 towards Geneva.
    • Take the A40 freeway to Geneva.
    • Once on the A40 freeway, follow the directions above to join the A1 freeway to Geneva Airport.
    • After crossing the border, continue towards Cointrin.
    • Follow signs for “Parking Cointrin” or “Chemin de l’Avanchet”.

Can we park vehicles such as two-wheelers, SUVs, electric cars or LPG-powered vehicles?

Our priority is customer satisfaction, and that’s why we’ve we have designed our parking lot to accommodate a wide variety of vehicles. Whether you drive a motorcycle, camper van, electric car or LPG vehicle, you’ll find a suitable space in our parking lot.

However, it’s important to note one crucial piece of information for electric vehicle drivers: Parking Cointrin currently has no charging points for electric cars. We therefore recommend that you ensure that your vehicle is sufficiently loaded before arriving.

How long can I leave my vehicle?

You can park your vehicle for the duration of your choice. Parking Cointrin is renowned for its flexibility. We adapt to your needs, whether you’re on a short business trip or an extended vacation. Our aim is to give you total peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle is safe for the duration of your absence.

Are you still missing information? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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